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Trebuchet by Jeremiah Moriarty

He says he wants to build a raccoon trebuchet, and I ask what exactly that would look like. I’m imagining bungee cords and repurposed bicycle wheels. A snapping sound.


Book Reviews

Labyrinth by Burhan S?nmez, tr Umit Hussein

The main character and sometime narrator of Labyrinth, the fourth novel by Turkish writer Burhan S?nmez, is a handsome, twenty-eight-year-old blues singer named Boratin, who jumped off the Bosphorus Bridge and survived his suicide attempt with a rib broken and all of his personal memories lost.



Places in My Neighborhood I Take John Cheever to That Also Happen to Have Food at Them by Kyra Kondis

I DM John Cheever on Twitter when I see that his most recent tweet says, looking for a good time. In my message, I say, aren’t we all? And he says, We must look for light where we can find it. Classic John Cheever.


Book Reviews

No Good For Digging by Dustin M. Hoffman

Through beguiling and often frustrating means, Hoffman pushes both our conception of the Midwest and of the short story, re-centering them congruously as sites of mystery and magic…


Research Notes

Hugh Fulham-McQuillan on Notes on Jackson and His Dead

I have built many sandcastles in my life. An essential ponent has always been water. It is best to catch a bucketful in the breaking tide to mould first the base structure, then the trickier, more playful parts of that medieval architecture; the sandy turrets, windows, and arches.



Shortly Before Eris es Blowing Up Your Party by Elizabeth O'Brien

Before Eris plucks the apple up and bowls it down the hall of emerald and ruby, saffron and butter, where the joyful bacchanal is unfurling its green tendrils dripping nectary without her, uninvited, SNUBBED, she stands by the table, gazing at the brimstone-and-chaff woven fruit bowl. She considers: Quince? Peach?


Book Reviews

Pain by Zeruya Shalev, tr Sondra Silverstone

A married woman, finding herself bored with married life, seeks something better. That something better is another man, who promises to be the antidote to her boredom. Drama ensues.



The Little Prince by Lynn Mundell

Her favorite thing is to read about the antics of the little prince who lives halfway around the globe. Yesterday — or would it be two days ago in his time zone? — he rode in a baroque open air carriage that looked like it belonged in a museum.

TWTD Cover.jpg

Research Notes

Linda Mannheim on This Way to Departures

Anita and I were driving around the back roads near Key Largo, looking for the places where the characters in my story would end up. I wanted to describe those roads in detail, by name. I wanted to know exactly where Laura, the narrator of ‘Noir’, would drive.



RedDog by Nuala O’Connor

The sheep gather in the middle of the field. Their whisper rises: Furze. Whin. Gorse.


Research Notes

Sheila O’Connor on Evidence of V

The silence surrounding V was what followed me, all that I didn’t know and could never know. I’d tried to write into that void so many times, in so many ways, and always failed.

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